Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting and Electrical Engineering Expertise

Electrical Testing Solutions maintenance consultants provide the technical expertise and electrical engineering consulting necessary for the most efficient and cost-effective use and maintenance of your power system assets, helping to ensure the highest degree of reliability and availability of your system. Our experienced professionals serve a number of municipal, private utilities, commercial and industrial clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Power system analysis and planning
  • Electrical design and switchgear design
  • Construction coordination
  • Maintenance support
  • Protective device coordination
  • Fault current analysis
  • Harmonic evaluation and remediation
  • Power factor correction
  • Grounding
  • Surge and lighting protection
  • Troubleshooting and analysis factory automation LANS
  • PLC programming

Electrical Engineering Consulting Services

  • Electrical Testing Solutions provides electrical engineering consulting and technical services related to:
  • Power distribution
  • Energy conversion
  • Electro-mechanical systems

Areas Include:

  • Power lines
  • Transformers
  • Motors and generators
  • Pumps
  • Wiring practices
  • Electrical codes
  • Power electronics
  • Supervisory control
  • Data acquisition systems

ETS has extensive experience providing professional electrical engineering consulting services to customers in Wisconsin. Working with our highly qualified contractors, ETS consultants bring the full range of professional services for planning, designing, building and maintaining your power transmission and distribution network.

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