What are Short Circuit Currents?

A short circuit, also known as a fault, is a specific type of current that introduces a significant amount of damaging energy in the form of heat and magnetic force into a power system. In other words, it is a low-resistance path of energy that bypasses part of a circuit; causing the bypassed portion of the circuit to cease to function. The skipping of the portion of the circuit can cause a large amount of current to start to flow which, in turn, causes heat in the wires which can lead to several problems.

short circuit current

Some of the risks of short circuit currents are as follows:
• Production downtime
• Fires
• Damage or deterioration of your equipment
• Injuries or death of the maintenance personnel

By fixing short circuit currents you can reduce the risks stated previously and avoid those tragic losses. It will also provide equipment reliability, increase safety, reduce equipment damage, improve sustainability, and increase power system stability. 
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