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Load Bank Testing

What is Load Bank Testing?

Load Bank testing allows the standby power system to be tested and exercised under load to verify its overall reliability to perform in an emergency power situation. The load bank removes the risk to the critical facility load of total loss of power and loss of quality of power. Critical application of power such as hospitals, health care, computer data centers has created the need to maximize the quality and reliability of systems.

When a load bank is used, the artificial load it provides brings the system up to an acceptable operating temperature.   Bringing a diesel engine generator set up to operating temperature eliminates excessive fuel build up or unburned fuel deposits from building up in the engine. This is known as "wet stacking" and occurs primarily when diesel engines are run on low or unloaded conditions. The load bank also checks the engines ability to provide the required horsepower over time, frequency stability and the alternators ability to provide the required voltage stability.

Electrical Testing Solutions professional team will come to your facility and perform Load Bank Testing so your generator is ready to go and your facility is prepared for the next possible power outage. For more information, Contact Us.