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Relay Testing

Electrical Testing Solutions offers relay services, from testing and calibration to repair and replacement.

Relay Testing โ€“ Visual & Mechanical Inspection

  • Relays are inspected for physical damage and compliance with specifications.
  • Inspect cover gasket, cover glass, presence of foreign material, moisture, condition of spiral spring, disc clearance, rust and contacts.
  • Check mechanically for freedom of movement, proper travel and alignment, and tightness of mounting hardware and tap screws.
  • All settings are be made in accordance with the customer.

Electrical tests:

  • The following tests are performed on the nominal settings:
  • Pick parameters on each operating element.
  • Timing test is performed at three points on the time dial curve.
  • Pick up target and seal in units.
  • Special test as required to check operation of restraint, directional, and other elements per manufacturerโ€™s instruction manual.

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