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Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography is one of the most cost effective predictive maintenance technologies available to quickly, accurately, and without interruption of operations, locate problems in various types of systems prior to failure. Infrared thermography utilizes a non-destructive technology to detect abnormal thermal patterns from an object.

Infrared Thermography for Electrical & Mechanical Systems

Mismatched or improperly installed components can create resistance, which leads to increased heating and eventual failure. Utilizing infrared thermography surveys, ETS will locate and identify these "hot spots."   

These are generally caused by poor connections, overloaded circuits, or load imbalances. Infrared thermography is a preventative maintenance that will give you enough time to correct these issues safely before you lose an entire panel, feed, transformer or a major fire is caused.  Overheating can also be caused in mechanical systems (such as pumps or motors) by faulty equipment and components.  Infrared thermography in these types of systems can also prevent costly repairs in the future.

Infrared Thermography  - Roof Top Scans

On flat roofs, drains can sometimes become blocked.  The water can cause damage to the roof, as well as underneath.  Using infrared thermography to scan your roof, ETS can identify temperature differences created by saturated insulation in the roof assembly.  This allows us to pinpoint problem areas so they can be fixed.  This will avoid the costly replacement of an entire roof, ETS can perform either annual or periodic surveys at your facility and troubleshoot all types of equipment. A complete infrared thermography survey is performed on your system and detailed reports are provided.

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