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Circuit Breaker Testing & Electrical Switchgear Services

Electrical Testing Solutions offers complete, on-site testing, calibration, repair, reconditioning, remanufacturing and retrofitting services for all brands of switchgear. All remanufactures have a limited warranty. ETS will also provide solid state and vacuum upgrades, new replacement and parts, or offer you one of our used and reconditioned units we have in stock.

Our goal is to extend the life of your electrical switchgear equipment. These services increase the reliability, predictability and accuracy of your switchgear, and offer significant advantages over the purchase of new equipment, such as new equipment at a lower cost, less down time due to shorter lead time and faster installation, with no retraining required.

We work with power circuit breakers from 480 volt class through 38 kV. This includes low voltage metal frame breakers, low voltage switches, medium voltage switches, protective relays, and medium voltage air magnetic circuit breakers, vacuum circuit breakers and motor starter contactors.

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