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Electrical Cable Testing

Electrical Testing Solutions will perform on-site electrical cable testing using a cable tester.  A cable tester is a piece of automatic test equipment used for verifying and testing electrical connections in a cable, a harness, or any other wired assembly.  Electrical cable testing will ensure your cables are safe and in good working order.

What is electrical cable testing used to test?

  • Cable Conformity: ETS will ensure that the cable conforms to safety standards and according to the cabling plans and the application it is being used for (the connector pins are wired correctly, etc.)
  • Cable Quality: Here, the connectors, tracks, connections, and insulated parts are examined.  We will check that the cables are not damaged, scratched, and that there is no metal dust in the connectors. Electrical cable testing will also ensure that no pins are bent, that there is no damage from crimping, that isolated points in connectors are well isolated, and insulation of connectors.
  • Cable Functionality: At this stage, we know that the cable is correctly cabled and that his quality is optimum.  The tested cable will be used in real conditions where it will activate different elements.

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