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Do You Need an Electrical Drawing?

Electrical Drawing

You may be thinking an electrical drawing is just another expense. Maybe you think that you would never use an electrical drawing. Keep reading to find out why you really do need an updated and accurate electrical drawing for your site.

What is an electrical drawing?

Maybe you donโ€™t even know what an electrical drawing is much less why you should have one. An electrical drawing is a technical drawing that consists of lines and symbols to represent the engineerโ€™s electrical design to the people that will be installing the electrical drawing on the site.

What does an electrical drawing consist of?

An accurate electrical drawing will commonly consist of several different things.  They will show the incoming lines including their voltage, size, capacity, and rating. They also show power transformers; listing their rating, winding connection and grounding means. In addition, they show incoming main switches and main and tie breakers. One of the most important things an electrical drawing may show is all of the main cable and wire runs with their associated isolating switches. Electrical drawings also show the feeder breakers and fused switches. Lastly, electrical drawings show all of the critical equipment; such as, batteries, generators, air conditioning, et cetera, and their voltage and size.

What are some electrical drawing services?

Some of the most important and common services included in an electrical drawings are as follows: short circuit calculations, coordination studies, load flow studies, safety evaluation studies, electrical safety procedures, efficient maintenance, and other engineering studies.

So, why do I need an electrical drawing?

Now you know what an electrical drawing is and what it may consist of, but you may still be wondering why you need to spend money on an accurate electrical drawing.  Electrical drawings are absolutely crucial for documenting, troubleshooting, and communicating information about your power systems on your site. They can help to ensure your system runs smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly: safely. They can even help you highlight potential risks that you can correct before a problem occurs. If all of these benefits donโ€™t convince you that you need an accurate and updated electrical drawing, maybe this will: electrical drawings that are updated and accurate keep your facility compliant with all of the code regulations.

Overall, having an electrical drawing is something you should have. There are tons of benefits to you as a company to have an updated and accurate drawing done.

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