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 Electrical Testing Solutions | What is Infrared Thermography?

infrared thermography

Infrared Thermography is a cost-effective, non-destructive way to detect problems in electrical connections, mechanics, and even on rooftops. It discovers hidden issues before they become a headache, increasing safety as well as the size of your wallet.

What is it used for?
Infrared Thermography is used for a wide variety of inspections including finding faulty electrical connections, detecting problem areas in mechanics, as well as finding damaged areas on a flat roof caused by water retention.
Infrared Thermography identifies the differences in temperature of an object which is then converted by a camera-like technology into a thermal map, making the variations visible to the human eye. These images allow one to clearly see the normal patterns of heat emitted by the object, and also makes apparent any area which is overheating (โ€œhot spotsโ€). โ€œHot spotsโ€ are created by resistance from components that are mismatched or not installed properly and can lead to equipment failure. With Infrared Thermography and the early detection of โ€œhot spotsโ€ the problem can be fixed before it becomes dangerous.


The Benefits of Infrared Thermography
Changes in temperature can indicate possible defects, faults, moisture intrusion and inefficiencies. Therefore, the detection of โ€œhot spotsโ€ prevents a number of inefficient and possibly dangerous situations.
Infrared Thermography:

  • Prevents the sudden failure of machinery and equipment
  • Prevents fires caused by overheating or faulty wiring
  • Saves the cost of replacing entire units โ€“ makes it possible to fix the problem before it damages or destroys the entire machine
  • Prevents downtime for machinery
  • Creates an overall safer and more efficient work environment


Identifying a problem area or โ€œhot spotโ€ is essential for safety and efficiency, however it is also important to know how to fix the problem when it arises. Infrared Thermography is only as effective as the thermographer. Therefore make sure you choose a company that is qualified to both read an infrared thermographic map and know solutions to fix the problem area. It is also recommended to periodically get a screening as a preventative measure and to ensure machinery and electrical units are running properly.